Quiz - Quiz is a form of game or mind sport in which the players (participated either as individual or in a group) attempt to answer questions correctly. Quiz is important for self assessment, for finding gaps in knowledge and to increase our knowledge in different fields.

CAD Mania - Design is the basic grid in engineering.In Tantraja,2k18 we are providing a platform for all designers to present their skill through CAD.

Crazy Coder – Coding contest determines to tell a computer what you want it to do. It involves typing in step-by-step commands for the computer to follow. It powers our digital world. Every website, Smartphone app, computer programme, calculator and even microwave relies on code in order to operate. This makes coders the architects and builders of the digital age.

Model Design – Model presentations can be useful to enhance the thinking ability, explore idea and make a student more innovative by presenting their ideas in front of the world.

Abhiksamata – Abhiksamata the sanskrit synonyms of Aptitude determines a person’s ability in a particular skill or field of knowledge. It improves numerical reasoning skills and the ability to think critically.

Gaming - Online gaming system can help the students relax and relieve pressure, improve their concentration as well as enhance their creativity. It submerses the students in graphical world of animation and imagination.

Seminar - Attending and presenting a topic in a seminar in front of the audience can be beneficial, including improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence.

Workshop – attending workshop can play a vital role to gain new skills, take responsibility in educational and social area, learn practical classroom strategy and connect people from different field.

Exposure - Photography is a science,art,application and practice of creating durable images by recording light.In Tantraja 2k18 we want to visualize those captured emotions,conceptions of all the awsome artists out there.

Treasure hunts - Find the clues and reach to the destination with your intelligences and hunt the treasure. It builds teamwork, sharpens navigational skills, enables exploration and discovery, simulates the mind and promotes social interaction.

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